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Voltage Regulators

Voltage Regulators

Whether its 5v, 12v 18v that you require in some part of your circuit we have the right voltage regulator. Specify your voltage and current rating or just the IC part number and we will do the rest for you.

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AMS1117-5V, 1A LDO Voltage Regulator, SOT-223

The AMS1117 series of adjustable and fixed voltage regulators are designed to provide up to 1A outpu..

KES 10.00

L7915CV Voltage Regulator -15V 1.5A

Dimensions    10.4 x 4.6 x 9.15mm Height    9.15mm Length  ..

KES 30.00

LD1117V33 Fixed 3.3V LDO Voltage Regulator

Say goodbye to unstable voltages with this LDO LD1117V33 linear regulator from STMicroelectronics. I..

KES 80.00

LM1084IT-ADJ/NOPB Adjustable Voltage Regulator

This LDO LM1084IT-ADJ/NOPB linear regulator from National Semiconductor is used to manipulate t..

KES 350.00

LM2576HVT-12/NOPB, Inverting, Step Down DC-DC Converter, 3A, 5-pin TO-220

Step-Down SIMPLE SWITCHER® DC/DC Converters (Integrated Switch), LM257x Series, Texas Instruments S..

KES 100.00

LM2576HVT-5.0/NOPB Step-Down Switching Regulator 3A, 5 V

Adjust the voltage level of your devices with this inverting and step down LM2576HVT-5.0/NOPB DC to ..

KES 100.00

LM2596 DC-DC Buck Converter Step-down Power Module

This is an LM2596S DC-DC buck converter step-down power module with high-precision potentiometer, ca..

KES 200.00

LM78L05 Voltage Regulator

Manufacturer:    Texas Instruments     RoHS:    RoHS C..

KES 50.00

LTC3780 High Efficiency, Synchronous Buck Boost DC-DC Converter

Description: This power supply is a high efficiency regulated power supply module. Output voltage c..

KES 2,500.00

MP1584 Buck / Step Down 3A Adjustable Regulator Module

This DC/DC step-down voltage converter is based on MP1584, it converts input voltage between 4.5V an..

KES 150.00

Voltage Regulator 78L05 SMD SOT89

Specification Input voltage min. 7.0V Input voltage max. 20V ..

KES 10.00

Voltage Regulator 78L06 TO-92

 IC, V REG +6.0V, 78L06, TO-92-3  Input Voltage Min: 0V  Input Voltage Ma..

KES 10.00

Voltage Regulator 78L08 TO-92

   IC, POS VOLTAGE REGULATOR, 8V, TO92-3  Input Voltage Min: 14V &nb..

KES 10.00

Voltage Regulator L7805

Specifications Product Category: Linear Voltage Regulators - Standard Polarity: Positive Number..

KES 25.00

Voltage Regulator L7806 TO-220

RoHS:    RoHS Compliant     Output Type:    Fixed &nbs..

KES 50.00