Brushless DC Motors

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  • Brushless Motor 920KV 2212 CW CCW Pair
     Type: 22 x 12mm - KV: 920rpm / V - Voltage: DC 7-12V - Weight: 53g Package: 2 x 2212 920KV Brushless Motor ..
    KES 4,000.00
  • Brushless Motor AS2208 1100KV
    Aeolus Series 2208 KV1100 This is a high-efficiency, low vibration multi-rotor motor, can generate a force of 400-900g, but its weight is only 49.5 g. Aeolus Series motors are known for their high efficiency, high load, long service life. One of the best brushless motors at this pric..
    KES 2,500.00
  • DC Brushless Fan-- 50x50x10mm 12V
    This is a smaller 50x50x10mm fan. The fan has a DC brushless motor, with an operating voltage of12V, and is rated at 100mA. Keeping the temperature down in your project can often be a necessity, and this fan can definitely help. ..
    KES 350.00
  • EMAX BL2815/09 920KV Series Brushless Outrunner Motor
    EMAX BL2815/09 920KV Series Brushless Outrunner Motor  KV: 920  Lipo Battery (cell): 3X Li-poly 11.1V Weight : 128g/3.95oz  Stator dimensions: 30 x 15mm  Shaft diameter: 5mm  Recomended model weight: 600-1400g  Recommended prop without gearbox : APC 11*7 APC 12*6..
    KES 4,200.00
  • Vibrating Mini Motor Disc
    *BZZZZZZZZZZ* Feel that? That's your little buzzing motor, and for any haptic feedback project you'll want to pick up a few of them. These vibe motors are tiny discs, completely sealed up so they're easy to use and embed. Two wires are used to control/power the vibe. Simply provide power from a b..
    KES 100.00