Prototyping tools

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  • Laser Toner Transfer Paper for PCBs
    Instruction of how to use this product Clean copper clad board that you're transferring the circuit to, The cleaner the PCB the better the toner will transfer and grip to it resulting in a better final PCB. If you can't get a nice copper polish, then consider using fine (80..
    KES 40.00
  • Positive Resist Pre-sensitised Printed Circuit Board
    Features     Size: 100×150×1.6mm     1oz Cu PCB Kinsten manufacture the positive resist coated printed circuit board (PCB) for many prototyping, educational and low volume applications. Even some high volume applications have used Kinsten PCB to keep the full pro..
    KES 550.00
  • Veroboard / Stripboard 6.5cm x 14.5cm Single Sided
    Ideal for development and prototyping work, Stripboard (Veroboard) is designed primarily for hard wiring of discrete components, typically in analogue circuits, but is equally useful where a number of common bus or signal lines are required. Stripboard DIL board is manufactured from copper clad lami..
    KES 50.00