BC Series

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  • BC337 NPN Transistor
    A general purpose NPN Transistor in a TO92 package, suitable for switching and amplifier applications. It can handle continuous DC currents of up to 800mA. ..
    KES 10.00
  • BC338 NPN General Purpose Transistor
    Manufacturer: FAIRCHILD Manufacturer Part No: BC338-40 Package / Case: TO-92 RoHS: Yes Datasheet: Click Here ..
    KES 10.00
  • BC547 NPN Transistor
    These are high quality BJT NPN transistors that work well with audio applications, made by ST Micro. Datasheet: BC547 ..
    KES 5.00
  • BC548 NPN General Purpose Transistor
    Manufacturer Part No: BC548B Package / Case: TO-92 RoHS: Yes Specifications Bipolar Transistor Leaded Process Compatible: 58P0542 Peak Reflow Compatible (260 C): Yes Current Rating: 100mA Voltage Rating: 30V ..
    KES 10.00
  • BC557 General Purpose PNP Transistor
    Dimensions    5.33 x 5.2 x 4.19mm Height        5.33mm Length        5.2mm Maximum Base Emitter Saturation Voltage        0.9 V Maximum Collector Base Voltage    50 V Maximum ..
    KES 10.00
  • BC558 General Purpose PNP Transistor
    The BC548 is a general purpose epitaxial silicon PNP bipolar junction transistor   The pinout for the TO-92 package used for the BC546 to BC560 has pin 1 (the leftmost pin in the diagram above, i.e. when the flat face of the package faces the viewer with leads at the bottom) attached to..
    KES 10.00