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Light & Sound
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For sensing color, the ColorPAL uses its LED to illuminate a sample, one color component at a time, ..

KES 2,600.00

Colour Sensor Module TSC230

Don't leave your next physical computing project stranded in a world of black and white! This color ..

KES 950.00

Electret Microphone

Small electret microphone. Useful in acoustic and audio applications.   Documents: Dat..

KES 20.00

Four Channel Line Finder

This four-channel infrared detection tracing sensor is to provide a solutions of multi-purpose infra..

KES 1,350.00

Line Finder

The Line finder is designed for line following in robotics. It consists two parts - an IR emitting L..

KES 700.00

Mini Photocell CdS

Mini Photocell CdS This is a very small light sensor. A photocell changes (also called a photodet..

KES 10.00

Miniature Solar Cell - BPW34 Photodiode

The BPW34 is a tiny, general purpose PiN photodiode. This photodiode has a ton of uses, one of whi..

KES 100.00

Photoresistor Light Dependent Resistor LDR 12mm

 Brand Name: senba Model Number: GL12537-1 Type: Photoresistor Technology: Metal Oxide Resi..

KES 50.00

Phototransistor BPW77NB

      PHOTO TRANSISTOR, NPN, SILICON     Wavelength Typ: 850n..

KES 500.00

Strobe Siren 12V

Specifications: Working Voltage: DC12V Rated Current: 280mA Siren sound: 115DB/1M Size: 120 x ..

KES 600.00