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Light & Sound

Light & Sound
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For sensing color, the ColorPAL uses its LED to illuminate a sample, one color component at a time, ..

KES 2,600.00

Colour Sensor Module TSC230

Don't leave your next physical computing project stranded in a world of black and white! This color ..

KES 950.00

Electret Microphone

Small electret microphone. Useful in acoustic and audio applications.   Documents: Dat..

KES 20.00

Four Channel Line Finder

This four-channel infrared detection tracing sensor is to provide a solutions of multi-purpose infra..

KES 1,350.00

IR sensor module

This Infrared obstacle/object detection sensor is super easy to use. It comes with on board potentio..

KES 350.00

Line Finder

The Line finder is designed for line following in robotics. It consists two parts - an IR emitting L..

KES 700.00

Mini Photocell CdS

Mini Photocell CdS This is a very small light sensor. A photocell changes (also called a photodet..

KES 10.00

Miniature Solar Cell - BPW34 Photodiode

The BPW34 is a tiny, general purpose PiN photodiode. This photodiode has a ton of uses, one of whi..

KES 100.00

Photoresistor Light Dependent Resistor LDR 12mm

 Brand Name: senba Model Number: GL12537-1 Type: Photoresistor Technology: Metal Oxide Resi..

KES 50.00

Phototransistor BPW77NB

      PHOTO TRANSISTOR, NPN, SILICON     Wavelength Typ: 850n..

KES 500.00

Strobe Siren 12V

Specifications: Working Voltage: DC12V Rated Current: 280mA Siren sound: 115DB/1M Size: 120 x ..

KES 600.00