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  • ColorPAL
    For sensing color, the ColorPAL uses its LED to illuminate a sample, one color component at a time, along with a broad-spectrum light-to-voltage converter to measure the light reflected back. The amount of light reflected from the sample under illumination from each red, green, and blue LED can be u..
    KES 2,600.00
  • Colour Sensor Module TSC230
    Don't leave your next physical computing project stranded in a world of black and white! This color senor module can detect the color of an object and report it back to your processor for applications like color sorting. The Color sensor module is based on TCS3200 which is a programmable color li..
    KES 950.00
  • Electret Microphone
    Small electret microphone. Useful in acoustic and audio applications.   Documents: Datasheet Example Audio LED control project by Adam Greig ..
    KES 20.00
  • Four Channel Line Finder
    This four-channel infrared detection tracing sensor is to provide a solutions of multi-purpose infrared detection system for robot chassis,robots and other automated machinery . The infrared transmitter and receiver tubes discrete components to form a probe,and use the LM339 voltage comparator as th..
    KES 1,350.00
  • Line Finder
    The Line finder is designed for line following in robotics. It consists two parts - an IR emitting LED and an IR sensitive phototransistor. It can output digital signal to a microcontroller so the robot can reliably follow a black line on a white background, or vice versa.   Features Grove c..
    KES 700.00
  • Mini Photocell CdS
    Mini Photocell CdS This is a very small light sensor. A photocell changes (also called a photodetector, photo resistor, CdS or photoconductive cell) resistance depending on the amount of light it is exposed to. These little sensors make great ambient light triggers. Features: Light resis..
    KES 10.00
  • Miniature Solar Cell - BPW34 Photodiode
    The BPW34 is a tiny, general purpose PiN photodiode. This photodiode has a ton of uses, one of which is to use it is a mini solar cell to power your project. The cell is sensitive to a wide range of light wavelengths (430-1100nm), so it should produce power in a number of different settings. The r..
    KES 100.00
  • Photoresistor Light Dependent Resistor LDR 12mm
     Brand Name: senba Model Number: GL12537-1 Type: Photoresistor Technology: Metal Oxide Resistance: 5-10 Resistance Tolerance: 0.1 Rated Power: 100 Operating Temperature: -30~70 Dark resistance: 3kΩ . Datasheet ..
    KES 50.00
  • Phototransistor BPW77NB
          PHOTO TRANSISTOR, NPN, SILICON     Wavelength Typ: 850nm     Power Consumption: 250mW     Viewing Angle: 10°     Transistor Case Style: TO-18     No. of Pins: 3     Packaging:..
    KES 500.00
  • Strobe Siren 12V
    Specifications: Working Voltage: DC12V Rated Current: 280mA Siren sound: 115DB/1M Size: 120 x 70 x 48mm Material: ABS housing Color: red & white Net Weight: 89.2g ..
    KES 1,000.00