5 Channel Infrared Reflective Sensor TCRT5000

5 Channel Infrared Reflective Sensor TCRT5000

  TCRT5000 5-Way Infrared Reflective Sensor 5-Channel Line follower module

    • Condition:New
    • Voltage supply:3.3V / 5V
    • Operating temperature:-40 ° - + 85 °
    • Model Number:TCRT5000
    • Custom:Yes
    • Type:electronic module
    • Application:experimental modules

Introduction to the principle of car tracking

Analog output of the 5-channel trace module, analog output and distance, color of the linked object. The stronger the infrared (white) reflection, the higher the output, the lower the infrared (black) radiation and the lower the output. The closer the detector is to the black line, the smaller the output, so that the distance from the black line can be judged by the analog output. The smaller the value, the closer the sensor is to the black line. Compared to other track sensors that can only produce high and low levels, the 5-channel analog output of this product can feedback the distance from the black line, and feedback is more accurate.

Overview of the 5-way infrared tracking sensor:

Based on the TCRT5000 infrared reflection sensor, it is often used to make intelligent tracking cars. The infrared emitting diode of the TCRT5000 sensor continuously emits infrared rays. When the infrared rays emitted are reflected by the object, they are received by the infrared receiver and the analog output values. The output analog value is related to the distance of the object and the color of the object. The position of the tracking line is evaluated by calculating the analog value of the five outputs.

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