Smart BMS 6S-16S 80A with Bluetooth UART 485 CAN

 Smart BMS 6S-16S 80A with Bluetooth UART 485 CAN

1. BMS built-in bluetooth module can be used to view battery parameters on the phone( compatible with Android and IOS).

2. You can develop your own application system according to your own needs. We can provide BMS interface communication protocol.

3. The main protection functions of BMS are: overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, overcurrent protection, balance protection, short circuit protection, BMS low voltage sleep, NTC temperature control protection, etc.

4. The application can adjust hardware and software parameters and support Li ion, LiFePO4, LTO and other batteries.

5. C- and B- use 14AWG wires with a length of about 290mm in order to be compatible with 6S-16S battery packs. The length of the balanced cable is about 580mm. There are marks on each cable such as B-, B1+, B2+……B16+, B+. This is a very convenient design for welding cables.

6. Static balance: After setting the battery voltage difference between 0.03V-0.05V, it will automatically turn on, and the balance current will be 60mA.

7. Product size: 120x62x22mm. It is suitable for installation in any battery pack size.

8. It is compatible with 6S 7S 8S 9S 10S 11S 12S 13S 14S 15S 16S battery pack.

9. The protection parameter settings can be modified:

10. We will send the English manual of APP software to all buyers who order this product.

11. Package included: BMS+bluetooth module+cable

If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.

1 UART serial port for Bluetooth.

1 isolated RS485 interface, support Modbus protocol.

1 isolated CAN2.0B interface.

1.Bluetooth app

The mobile app monitors the battery charge and discharge status, and the single battery voltage, total battery voltage, two-way battery current, temperature display, battery capacity display and protection value are adjustable.2.BMS and PC connection

Connect the computer program through RS485 to USB module for debugging BMS operation parameters.3.Provide BMS interface protocol

Those with software engineering experience can make app and PC programs through this protocol, and connect the display screen, etc.4. Coulometer SOC

Support bidirectional current detection, collect current and voltage with high accuracy, and calculate battery capacity through BMS.

5. BMS manual switch

BMS can be shut down manually through hardware switch.6. Temperature sensor

Collect the current temperature of the battery environment in real time, and support the adjustment of high and low temperature BMS power-off function.

7. Communication isolation

The CAN, RS485 and UART communication functions of this BMS have isolation and strong anti-interference.8. Battery balance function

Battery assisted static balance, automatically turns on when there is a voltage difference in the battery, and the balance current is 60mA.

9. Withstand current

The product current marked by us is within the normal withstand range and can withstand the peak current of 1.5-2.5 times of the current current.10. Three proofing paint

The control element is sprayed with moisture-proof, dust-proof and anti-static paint.

11. Aluminum heat sink

Install aluminum heat sink to reduce the temperature rise of charging and discharging.

Warm tips

1. Please use it be careful when installing to avoid short circuit.

2. Do not remove or replace the components of the protection board by yourself.

3. Lithium battery protection board with different voltages cannot be mixed. For example, lithium ion BMS cannot be used for Lifepo4.

4. The charge and discharge current cannot exceed the rated value.

5. Please do not change the circuit board .

6. Please use the protective boad within the specified working temperature range and ensure a good heat dissipation environment around the protective board.

7. Design parameters and use conditions must be observed during use because improper use will damage the circuit.

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