Load Sensor 50kg

Out Of Stock Load Sensor 50kg

 This is a half-bridge load sensor, which is widely used in weight scales. When the half-bridge is being stretched, it sends signal via the red signal wire. You can use multiple load sensors simultaneously to increase the capacity range.

    Sturdy material
    Up to 50kg sensor range
    parallel use to add additional capacity


    Dimension (mm): 28*28*8
    Capacity (kg): 50
    Comprehensive error (%F.S): 0.2
    Output sensitivity (mv/v): 1.1±0.15
    Nonlinearity (%F.S): 0.2
    Repeatability (%F.S): 0.1
    Hysteresis (%F.S): 0.2
    Creep (%F.S/3min): 0.1
    Zero Drift (%F.S/1min): 0.1
    Temp. Effect on zero (%F.S/10°C): 0.2
    Temp. Effect on Output (%F.S/10°C): ≤0.15
    Zero Output (mv/V): ±0.3
    Input Resistance (Ω): 1000±50
    Output Resistance (Ω): 1000±50
    Insulation Resistance (MΩ): ≤2000 (100VDC)
    Excitation Voltage (V): 5~10
    Operation Temp. Range (°C): -10~+50
    Overload Capacity (%F.S): 150
    Method of connecting wire : red= Sig + ; white= Exc –; blue= Exc +

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