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Diffused Led 10mm,5mm,3mm Pack( 140psc)

Out Of Stock Diffused Led 10mm,5mm,3mm Pack( 140psc)

We have a whole new pack of diffused led  160pcs diffrent types The led are as follows-:

Diffused Led 3mm Blue         - 10pcs

Diffuesd Led 3mm Green      - 10pcs

Diffused Led 3mm Yellow      -10pcs

Diffused Led 5mm Blue         -10pcs

Diffused Led 5mm Green       -10pcs

Diffused Led 5mm Red          -10pcs

Diffused Led 5mm Yellow      -10pcs

Diffused Led  5mm Orange    -10pcs

DIffused Led 10mm Blue        -10pcs

Diffused Led 10mm Red         -10pcs

Diffused Led 10mm Green     -10pcs 

Diffused Led 10mm Yellow     -10pcs

Diffused Led 10mm White      -10pcs

Diffused Led 10mm Orange   -10pcs


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