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Phidget Bridge 4 input

Phidget Bridge 4 input
Phidget Bridge 4 input

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  • Model: PhidgetBridge
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Product Features

The PhidgetBridge is the interface board needed to measure the output from a load cell. You can connect up to four load cells, strain gauges, or wheatstone bridge sensors.

Product Description

The PhidgetBridge lets you connect up to 4 un-amplified Wheatstone bridges, such as:

    strain gauges
    compression load cells
    pressure sensors/Barometers
    piezoresistive accelerometers
    Magnetoresistive sensors (Compasses)

The data rate and gain values can be configured in software.

Product Specifications

API Object Name    Bridge
Number of Bridge Inputs    4
Bridge Data Rate Min    8 ms
Bridge Data Rate Max    1000 ms
Bridge Input Current Max    ± 3 nA
Differential Voltage Resolution    24 bit

Electrical Properties
USB Voltage Min    4.5 V DC
USB Voltage Max    5.3 V DC
USB Speed    Full Speed
Current Consumption Min    35 mA
Current Consumption Max    500 mA
Available External Current    465 mA
Input Voltage Limit Min    Ground + 0.25V DC
Input Voltage Limit Max    5V Supply - 0.25V DC

Physical Properties
Recommended Wire Size    16 - 26 AWG
Operating Temperature Min    0 °C
Operating Temperature Max    70 °C

Comes Packaged with

    A 3018 - Mini-USB Cable 180cm
    A Hardware mounting kit (4 nuts and bolts (M3), 4 plastic spacers)

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