ATtiny85 USB Mini Dev Board (Digispark Compatible)

Product Code: ATtiny85 Module
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Price: KES 200.00

This is a tiny, arduino compatible board! It has its own USB bootloader and built in USB capability, allowing you to program with the Arduino SDK and also use it as native USB device!

Package Contents 

Digispark Tiny85
6 Pin Header
3 Pin Header

Check the datasheet for details and graphs but these are the highlights:

MCU: ATTiny85 Datasheet
Operating Voltage: 5.0V
Power Input Voltage: up to 12V
Digital IO: 6 (3 PWMs)
Max DC Current on Digital Pin: 40 mA
Flash Memory: 8 KBytes
SRAM: 512 Bytes
EEPROM: 512 Bytes
Clock Speed: 20 MHz
USB Power Connector: USB Micro AB

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