Breadboard MB102 Crystal

Product Code: Breadboard MB102 Crystal
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Product Contents:

One - 830 tie point transparent breadboard with adhesive backing



Accepts most electronic components, including integrated circuits and transistors for digital and/or analog circuitry
0.1" hole spacing
4 power buses with 2 power rails each, 10 columns and 63 rows, with 830 tie points total
Power rails: 8 total power rails, with 2 negative and 2 positive on each side of the breadboard; each rail has 25 tie points
Pins are identified by numbered rows and lettered columns
Use to prototype and test circuit designs
Low static, plastic body - CMOS safe
Components are easily interconnected using jumper wires and 20-29 AWG wire
Two sets of five columns are separated by approximately 0.3" allowing for straddling of a DIP package over the gap
The board includes interlocking parts so multiple boards can be connected together
Breadboard size: 6.5in (165.1mm) length x 2.125in (53.575mm) width

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