TB6560 3A Stepper Motor Driver (Single-Axis CNC Router)

10-14 Days TB6560 3A Stepper Motor Driver (Single-Axis CNC Router)


The TB6560 single motor driver board is based on the TB6560AHQ chip. It will significantly increase torque and ease of configuration of larger moors. It is a an affordable driver for CNC or 3D printers.


  • Working volatage 10V-35VDC
  • Recommended switching power supply 24VDC
  • 6N137 highspeed OptoCoupler, to ensure high speed without step out
  • Rated output +/- 3A, peak 3.5A
  • Excitation Mode: synchronizing, half step, 1/8step, 1/16step, 16 segments max
  • dimensions: 50x75x35mm

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  • Product Code: TB6560 3A Stepper Motor Driver
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