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SMD Rework Station Kit

Out Of Stock SMD Rework Station Kit


- Size: 4 "x 5.4" x 6 "(15 x 10 x 13.8 cm)

- Weight: 1.8kg

- Operating voltage: 220V

- Output power: 700W

- Air flow: 120 liters per minute (max)

- Temperature range: 100 ℃ -450 ℃

- shows the type of miniature digital LED (resolution: 1 ℃)

- Handle length (including handle rope): 120 cm

- Model: Microcomputer digital LED instructions

- Type of pump air: Airflow fan with soft air

- suitable for a variety of components such as demolition welding, such as: SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, etc. 

- for heat shrink, thawing, preheating

Package Content:

--1 x SMD hot air desolder Station 

--1 x Holder 

--3 x Nozzles(3mm,5mm,8mm ) 

--1 x Hot Air Gun 

--1 x Power cable 

--1 x Manual

NOTICE: 1.When temperature turn up, air flow must be turn up accordingly;

2.Smoke is usual during first time use, because of moisture in the heating element.

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