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Arduino Starters Kit Rev 2

Out Of Stock Arduino Starters Kit Rev 2

Want to learn how to work with electronics and microcontrollers but need a little help? You’ve come to the right place! This bundle is designed to get you started quickly and easily on your path of learning electronics. The package includes: 

  1. Arduino Uno R3 Retail Version Including Programming Cable
  2. Breadboard with power supply module
  3. Jumper Wire
    1. 65pc M-M for breadboarding
    2. 40pc Dupont M-F
    3. 40pc Dupont F-F
  4. Resistors
    1. 270R
    2. 560R
    3. 4K7
    4. 10K
    5. 1M
    6. 10M
  5. Capacitors
    1. 0.1uf Ceramic x 2
    2. 1uf ceramic
    3. 100uf electrolytic
    4. 10uf electrolytic
  6. Transistors & Mosfet
    1. 2N2222 x 2
    2. IRF520
    3. 2N4123 x 2
  7. Actuators
    1. Servo Motor MG90
    2. Micro Dc Motor Brushless
  8. Wireless Devices
    1. IR Receiver Diode TSOP1738
    2. IR Led TX/RX Pair
    3. RF Receiver Transmitter Kit 315Mhz
    4. 315MHZ Remote control module
  9. Sensors
    1. PIR Motion Sensor
    2. Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04
    3. Light Dependent Resistor
    4. TCRT5000 Optical Sensor
  10. Voltage Regulators
    1. L7805
    2. LM317
  11. Display
    1. LCD 16 X 1 Display
    2. LCD serial Adapter
    3. 7 Segment 2 Digit Display
  12. Motor driver H bridge L293D
  13. Accessories
    1. LED 5mm diffused assorted colors (15pcs)
    2. LED RGB Diffused 10mm Common Cathode x 2
    3. 9V Battery Clip
    4. DC Jack 2.1mm Plug
    5. Header Pins Male x 2
    6. Tact switch x 4
  14. Others
    1. Shift Register 74HC595
    2. BCD 7 Segment Decoder IC CD4511

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