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TCRT5000 Infrared obstacle detection proximity sensor module

TCRT5000 Infrared obstacle detection proximity sensor module

The following module makes use of TCRT5000 infrared proximity sensors (emitter and receiver) and can be easily implemented in any of your Arduino projects. There are a max of 4 pins, two of which are the VCC and GND pins, the other two being an Analog output and a Digital output. Once you have the module powered, be advised to place it so that the infrared LEDs are facing the direction you want to detect from. There is even a mounting hole on the PCB if needed. As for the outputs, this module provides you with both analog and digital options. The digital pin will have a value of 0 or 1 indicating whether or not an object is detected (or whether light is being reflected or not, this is useful when detecting black and white lines). The analog output will provide data relating to the distance of the object detected. There is even a potentiometer to allow sensitivity adjustments (Note that this a proximity sensor, in this case, meaning max operating range does not exceed 25mm).


Operating voltage: 3.3VDC to 5VDC

IC: LM393

Sensor: TCRT5000

Operating range: 1mm to 25mm

Dimensions: 31mm x 14mm / 1.22 in x 0.55 in

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