Sensor Kit For Arduino / Raspberry Pi (45 in 1)

Sensor Kit For Arduino / Raspberry Pi (45 in 1)

If you’ve been eager to get extra Sensor Modules to upgrade your electronics or robotics projects, then the 45 in 1 Sensor Kit for Arduino is the motherlode of easy-to-use functionality that you’ve been looking for. Featuring an almost-excessive number of different sensors, switches, transmitters and more, all of which are compatible with the ever-common Arduino Boards, this kit is all you need to give your project eyes, ears, a voice and many more exciting features and functions.

In addition to the fantastic amount of different sensors, switches and other modules you get in this kit, an added bonus is that they are all completely Arduino compatible, offering almost plug-n-play functionality alongside Arduino libraries that can easily be found online. So what are you waiting for? If you’ve always wanted to add unique and personalised features to your Electronics, this kit is the ideal selection of modules that will open up an endless number of possibilities for your projects.



  • Soil Moisture Module
  • Gyro Sensor Module                                                      
  • Laser Emitter Module
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor Module
  • Infrared Emitter + Infrared Sensor Modules
  • 5V Relay Module
  • 7-Colour Auto-Flashing LED Module
  • Heartbeat Sensor Module
  • Small Microphone Sensor Module
  • Metal-Touch Sensor Module
  • Large Microphone Sensor Module
  • 3-Colour LED Module
  • Line Tracking Sensor Module
  • Linear Magnetic Hall Sensor Module
  • Rotary Encoder Module
  • Active Buzzer Module
  • “Magic Light Cup” Module
  • Passive Buzzer Module
  • Digital Temperature Sensor Module
  • Ball Tilt Switch Module
  • Analog Magnetic Holzer Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module
  • Mercury Tilt Switch Module
  • Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor Module
  • RGB LED Surface Mount (SMD) Module
  • Mini Reed Module
  • 3mm Two-Colour LED Module
  • Large Reed Module
  • 5mm Two-Colour LED Module
  • Photoresistor (LDR) Module
  • Breadboard Power Module
  • Hit Sensor Module
  • Temperature Sensor Module
  • Vibration Switch Module
  • Flame Sensor Module
  • Water Level Sensor Module
  • Simple Button Module
  • Optical Break Module
  • Temperature Sensor Module
  • MP1584EN Buck Module
  • SD Card Reader Module
  • Arduino PS2 Joystick Module
  • Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module
  • DS1302 Clock Module



With so much functionality contained within the 45 in 1 Mega Sensor Kit, it’s no surprise that the applications for this kit are almost endless, allowing Makers like you to truly explore your creative and Maker skills in creating the projects you’ve always dreamed of. And whether you want to turn your Devastator Robot into a world-domination-bot, or simply upgrade an existing project with a range of new functions and sensors to interact with the world around it, this kit is sure to have a good selection of sensor modules and switches to let you do just that.

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