12V / 5W SMPS Module (Hi-Link)

12V / 5W SMPS Module (Hi-Link)

Environment Condition:

-Operation Temperature: -20+60

-Store Temperature: -40+80

-Relative humidity: 595 %

-Atmospheric pressure: 80106 Kpa

-Sea level elevation: 2000 m

-Vibration: Vibration coefficient 10~500Hz,2G10min./1cycle, 60min.each along X, Y, Z axes

Electrical Characteristic:

Input characteristics (test at room temperature 20 ).

Rated input voltage: 100-240 Vac

Input voltage range: 90-264 Vac

Maximum input current: 0.2 A

Input current surge: 10 A

maximum input voltage: 270 Vac

Enter slow start: 50 mS

Input Low Voltage Efficiency: Vin=110VAcOutput full-load69 %

Input High Voltage Efficiency: Vin=220VAcoutput full-load70 %

Long-term reliability: MTBF100.000 h

Output voltage: 12 Vdc

Short-term maximum output current: 500 mA

The maximum output current for constant use: 250 mA

Voltage Regulation: 0.2 %

Load Regulation: 0.5 %

Output ripple and noise: (MVP-p) 50 mV

Output overcurrent protection: 150-200% of the output maximum load A

Output short circuit protection: Direct short circuit at the normal output, automatically resume normal -operation after a short circuit removal


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