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Assembled ESP8266 WeMos Shield for LoRa Modules (Gateway or Node)

Assembled ESP8266 WeMos Shield for LoRa Modules (Gateway or Node)

This shield is used to hold HopeRF Lora module Software with WeMos ESP8266 boards it has just few minimal features.

  • I2C Pullups placement
  • Classic I2C 128x64 OLED connector
  • Placement for RFM95/96/98 Lora module
  • Placement for choosing single Wire, SMA or u-FL Antenna type
  • 2 x WS2812B Type LED for visual indication
  • Custom switch on GPIO2
  • Added footprint for Microchip 24AA02E64 64 bits serial number (v1.1+)
  • Added Solder PAD jumper to be able to connect GPIO16 to Reset to enable deep sleep (V1.2+)

Boards are tested and works fine with forked version of single Channel LoRaWAN Gateway but you can use any program that is compatible with RFM95 Lora module according it to real pinout.

The single channel gateway has been tested on a gateway with the Wemos D1 Mini, using a HopeRF RFM95W transceiver.

The LoRa nodes tested againts this gateway are:

  • TeensyLC with HopeRF RFM95 radio
  • Arduino Pro-Mini (default Armega328 model, 8MHz 3.3V and 16MHz 3.3V)
  • ESP8266 based nodes with RFM95 transceivers.

This includes assembled Lora shield with Wemos D1 v3 and Oled screen. All tested.


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