TFmini Plus - ToF LIDAR Range Finder

TFmini Plus - ToF LIDAR Range Finder

Key Features

  • High Sensitivity: Emits near-infrared ray and catches the reflected ray which can give the response in a short time.
  • High Precision: ToF method is used to calculate the phase difference between the emitting and reflected rays to measure the distance. The accuracy is ±5cm for 0.1-6m range and ±1% for 6m-12m range.
  • Selectable Interface: I2C and UART interface for developers to choose from.


TFmini Plus is a distance sensor of LIDAR which can emit near-infrared ray and measure the phase difference between the emitting ray and reflected ray to calculate the distance through ToF. Because of the LIDAR principle, it is hard to give an accurate distance between the transparent objects like water or glass. However, it is still a sensitive distance sensor in measuring the moving object and calculate the distance between the object and TFmini in real-time.

This distance sensor leaves I2C and UART interface for developers and you can simply plug TFmini through the TTL to USB converter to the PC and get the distance data on your computer.

As for the software, there is a test software upper computer software of TFmini that you can download to observe the distance changing when the object is moving in real-time.

If you want to view more details, please click the link - datasheet.


Name of parameterValues
Operating range0.1m~12m@90% reflectivity
Distance resolution5mm
Frame rate1~1000Hz(adjustable)
Ambient light immunity70 Klux
Operation temperature-20℃~60℃
Light sourceLED
Central wavelength850nm
Photobiological safetyClass1(IEC60825)
Supply voltage5V±0.5V
Average current≤110mA
Power consumption550mW(lower consumption 85mW)
Peak current500mA
Communication levelLVTTL(3.3V)
Communication interfaceUART / I2C/ IO
Storage temperature-20℃~75℃
Cable length30cm

Demo Video

Part List 

1x TFmini Plus

1x JST GH1.25 - 4P cable (Both two sides are JST GH1.25 - 4P interfaces)

1x JST GH1.25 - 4P cable (One side for JST GH1.25 - 4P interface and the other side for 4 Dupont Line male type)

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