Solenoid Valve 3/4'' BSPP, 12VDC

Product Code: Solenoid 12VDC-3/4
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Price: KES 1,300.00

Normally closed solenoid valves open when electrical current is applied and return to the closed position when no current is present. 


Port Size:3/4'' BSPP
Coil resistance: 4.75KΩ±0.25KΩ (Temp.200C)  4.75KΩ±0.25KΩ (Temp.200C)
Operation Mode: NC (Normally Closed)
Working Media: Water, Air, Natural Gas, Low Viscosity Fluid, etc.
Media Temperature Range:  1C-75C 
Response Time: Open≤0.15s   Close≤0.3s
Working Pressure Range: 0.02Mpa-0.8Mpa
Flow characteristics: 0.02Mpa≥3 L/min,  0.1Mpa≥12 L/min,0.8Mpa≥35L/min

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