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Electronic Components

Building Blocks of Innovation: Electronic Components

Introduction: Electronic components are the fundamental building blocks of modern technology, serving as the DNA of electronic devices and systems. From resistors and capacitors to microcontrollers and sensors, this category encompasses a vast array of components that engineers, hobbyists, and innovators use to design, construct, and refine electronic circuits. Join us as we explore the world of electronic components, uncovering the essential elements that power the electronics revolution.

Examples of Electronic Components:

1. Resistors: Carbon film, metal film, and variable resistors (potentiometers). Resistors limit the flow of electrical current in a circuit, determining voltage levels and current paths.

2. Capacitors: Electrolytic, ceramic, and film capacitors. Capacitors store and release electrical energy, providing filtering, smoothing, and timing functions.

3. Diodes: Rectifier diodes, light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Diodes allow current to flow in one direction, and LEDs emit light when current passes through them.

4. Transistors: Bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), field-effect transistors (FETs). Transistors amplify and switch electronic signals, serving as critical building blocks in amplifiers and digital logic circuits.

6. Sensors: Temperature sensors, motion sensors, and gas sensors. Sensors detect and convert physical or environmental changes into electrical signals, essential for applications like automation and monitoring.

7. Connectors: USB connectors, HDMI connectors, and header pins. Connectors establish electrical connections between components and devices, enabling data and power transfer.

8. Inductors: Air core inductors, ferrite core inductors. Inductors store energy in the form of a magnetic field and are key components in filters and transformers.

9. Oscillators and Crystals: Quartz crystals, ceramic resonators. Oscillators generate precise clock signals for timing and synchronization in electronic circuits.

10. Switches: Tactile switches, toggle switches, and rotary switches. Switches control the flow of current by providing an open or closed circuit path.

Electronic components are the lifeblood of electronic devices and systems, enabling innovation and functionality in a wide range of applications. Whether you're creating a simple LED circuit or designing a complex microcontroller-based project, understanding and utilizing these components is essential for electronic engineering and innovation.

Model: thermistor 100k
Specification B Constant 4400K Resistance 100K OHM Temperature -30°C to +125°C Thermistor Type NTC Thermistor Tolerance ±10%..
KES 30.00
Model: thermistor 10k
SpecificationB Constant 4400KResistance 10K OHMTemperature -30°C to +125°CThermistor Type NTC ThermistorTolerance ±10%..
KES 30.00
CAN Module MCP2515 CAN Module MCP2515
Out Of Stock
Model: MCP2515
This CAN Bus Module based on the CAN bus controller MCP2515 and CAN transceiver TJA1050. With this module, you will easy to control any CAN Bus device by SPI interface with your MCU, such as Arduino UNO and so on.Features:Support CAN V2.0BCommunication rate up to 1Mb/SWorking Voltage: 5VWorking Curr..
KES 500.00
Model: Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Dual Display
Size: 48mm x 29mm x 21mm.Display color: Red & Blue LED (dual display).Display: 0.28" LED digital.Operating voltage: DC 4.5 ~ 30V.Measure voltage: DC 0 ~ 100V.Minimum resolution (V): 0.1V.Refresh rate: ≥500ms / times.Measure accuracy: 1% (± 1 digit).Minimum resolution (A): 0.01A.Operating Current..
KES 500.00
Laser Module- Straight Line (Red)
Out Of Stock
Model: laser
A very powerful 5mW red laser. Fun, but don't point in anyone's eyes. It emits a straight red line that Can be used for Laser positioning, Medical equipment and DIY. Features: 650nm red Laser 5mW output power (FDA Class IIIa) 4.5V to 5V input voltage Max current: 40mA Dimensions: Φ1..
KES 500.00
Model: 10D101K
Product AttributeAttribute ValueSelect AttributeManufacturer:BournsProduct Category:VaristorsRoHS: DetailsSeries:MOV-10DxxxKProduct:MOVMounting Style:PCB MountTermination Style:RadialVoltage Rating AC:60 VACVoltage Rating DC:110 VDCVaristor Voltage:100 VClamping Voltage:165 VDiameter:10 mmPeak ..
KES 20.00
Peltier Plate Thermoelectric Cooler
Out Of Stock
Model: TEC12706
Description   Peltire Plate, also semiconductor cooler, is a heat sink device taking advantage of the Peltier effect. It’s solid, reliable, noise free and vibration free, suitable for applications that have limits on space, noise and vibration.    Typical applications for ..
KES 600.00
Model: rotary encoder switch
Description: These are continuous rotary encoder switch With built in push button switch (push to operate) Can be used for data entry as with modern in car CD players, for volume & on/off control or data selection via LED or LCD display Perfect for use with PIC or ATMEL microcontrollers ..
KES 100.00
Model: Transformer 12V
High quality power transformer, the input voltage AC220V, output voltage AC12V*2 power 30W 50HZ. Each weighing about 0.3KG...
KES 500.00
Model: Varistor 10D220K
TYPEDESCRIPTIONSELECTCategoryCircuit ProtectionTransient Voltage Suppressors (TVS)Varistors, MOVsMfrBourns Inc.Series-PackageBulkProduct StatusActiveMaximum AC Volts14 VMaximum DC Volts18 VVaristor Voltage (Min)20 VVaristor Voltage (Typ)22 VVaristor Voltage (Max)24 VCurrent - Surge500 AEnergy2.5JNum..
KES 20.00
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