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ER18505 3.6v 4000mAh LI-SOCL2 Battery

ER18505 3.6v 4000mAh LI-SOCL2 Battery
ER18505 3.6v 4000mAh LI-SOCL2 Battery

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  • Model: ER18505 4000mAh 3.6V w JST
  • SKU: 3901

Typical Applications:

Alarms and security systems, GPS, metering systems, memory back up, tracking system and GSM communication, Aerospace, Defence, Military, Power Management, Portable Devices, Consumer Electronics, Real-time clock, Tracking system, Utility metering,etc.


Model name: ER18505
Size: CC, Φ18.5mm*50.5mm(Max)
Nominal capacity: 4000mAh(4Ah)
Nominal voltage: 3.6V
Open circuit voltage:3.66V
Cut-off Voltage: 2.0V
Operating temperature range: -55°C to +85°C
Max Continuous Discharge current: 100mA
Max Pulse Discharge current: 200mA
Standard Current :1.0mA
Typical weight: 27g
Typical Shelf life: 10 years


1) High Energy density, High voltage, stable during most of the application’s lifetime
2) Wide range of operating temperature
3) Long self-discharge rate (≤1% per year during Storage)
4) Long storage life (10 years under room temperature)
5) Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing
6) Non-flammable electrolyte
7) Meet IEC86-4 safety standard
8) Safe to export MSDS, UN38.3 cert. available

Storage condition:

clean, cool (preferably below +20℃, not exceeding +30℃), dry and ventilated.

1)These are non rechargeable batteries.
2)Fire, explosion and burn hazard.
3)Do not recharge, short circuit,crush, disassemble, heat above 100℃ incinerate.
4)Do not use the battery beyond the permitted temperate range.


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