74 Series

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74LS11 Triple 3-Input AND Gate

74LS11 Triple 3-Input AND Gate 74LS11 contains Three 3 input independent gates each of which perfor..

KES 100.00

74LS121 Monostable Multivibrator IC With Schmitt Trigger Inputs

The 74LS121 is a monostable Multi-vibrator with Schmitt-trigger inputs that features dual negative-t..

KES 200.00

74LS147 10-To-4 Line Priority Encoder IC

The 74LS147 features priority decoding of the inputs to ensure that only the highest-order data line..

KES 100.00

74LS151 8 To 1 Line Selector Multiplexer IC

74LS151 8-to-1 Data Selector Multiplexer IC is a part of the 74XXYY IC series. The 74LS151 IC has a ..

KES 100.00

74LS153 Dual 4 To 1 Line Multiplexer IC

74LS153 is a member of the 74XXYY Ic series. 74LS153 is a fully complementary, on-chip, binary decod..

KES 100.00

74LS155 Dual 2-Bit Binary Decoder/Demultiplexer IC

74LS155 is a member of the 74XXYY family of TTL logic gates. The design is intended for the chi..

KES 150.00

74LS157 Quad 2 To 1 Line Multiplexer

74LS157 Quad 2 To 1 Line Multiplexer is a part of the 74XXYY IC series. The 74LS150 IC has a wide ra..

KES 100.00

74LS161 Synchronous 4 Bit Counter

Synchronous 4-bit counterDual-In-Line Package16 pinsDatasheet..

KES 100.00

74LS165 Serial-Out Shift Register

The 74LS165 is a 8-bit serial shift register that shifts the data in the direction of QA toward QH w..

KES 100.00

74LS169 Synchronous 4-Bit Up/Down Binary Counter IC

The ‘LS169B and ‘S169 are 4-bit binary counters. The 74LS169 features an internal carry look-ahead f..

KES 100.00

74LS181 4-Bit Arithmetic Logic Unit IC/Function generator

The 74LS181 IC is an arithmetic logic unit / function generator IC that has a complexity of 75 congr..

KES 300.00

74LS193 Synchronous 4-Bit Up-Down Binary Counter IC

The 74LS193 is an UP/DOWN DIP-16 Binary Counter. Separate Count Up and Count Down Clocks are used an..

KES 100.00

74LS194 Bidirectional Shift Register

The 74LS194 bidirectional shift register is designed to incorporate virtually all of the features a ..

KES 100.00

74LS195 Universal 4-Bit Shift Register IC

The SN54/ 74LS195 is a high speed 4-Bit Universal Shift Register offering typical shift frequencies ..

KES 100.00

74LS40 Dual 4 Input Nand Buffer

These devices contain two independent 4-input NAND buffer gates. The 74LS40 is characterized for ope..

KES 200.00

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