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  1. In the ever-evolving realm of electronics, a wide array of specialized tools stands as the cornerstone of innovation and precision. From soldering irons to digital oscilloscopes, these instruments are the trusted allies of electronics engineers, technicians, and enthusiasts alike. They empower professionals to design, build, test, and troubleshoot electronic circuits and devices with confidence and accuracy. Let's explore the significance of these tools, each meticulously crafted to facilitate the journey of electronic exploration and innovation. Here are a few tools used in electronics;

    1. Soldering Iron and Soldering Tools:

      • Soldering iron: Soldering is a fundamental skill in electronics. Soldering irons are used to join components and create electrical connections. They come in various wattages and types (e.g., pencil, temperature-controlled) to suit different applications.
      • Soldering tools: Accessories such as solder, soldering stations, soldering tips, and desoldering tools are essential for making reliable connections and repairing electronic circuits.
    2. Digital Oscilloscope:

      • Digital oscilloscopes: These instruments are used to visualize and analyze electronic signals over time. They are crucial for diagnosing and troubleshooting circuits, measuring signal properties, and assessing the performance of electronic devices.
    3. Function Generator:

      • Function generator: This tool generates various waveforms (sine, square, triangle, etc.) at different frequencies. Electronics engineers use function generators to test and calibrate electronic circuits, as well as for signal generation during testing.
    4. Logic Analyzer:

      • Logic analyzer: Electronics professionals use logic analyzers to capture and analyze digital signals in complex digital systems. This is invaluable for debugging digital circuits and ensuring their proper operation.
    5. Multimeter (Analog/Digital):

      • Multimeter: Multimeters, as mentioned earlier, are crucial for measuring voltage, current, resistance, and other electrical parameters in electronic circuits. They are versatile tools for both electrical and electronic work.
    6. Breadboard and Components:

      • Breadboard: Breadboards are used for building and prototyping electronic circuits without soldering. They allow engineers to quickly test and modify circuit designs.
      • Electronic components: Tools for electronics also include a wide range of components like resistors, capacitors, transistors, and integrated circuits. These are the building blocks for creating electronic projects and circuits.
Brass Sponge - Soldering Iron Cleaner
Out Of Stock
Model: Brass Sponge
This is a brass sponge that will help clean your soldering iron tip. Use it to remove residue from your iron tip before soldering. It cleans better than conventional sponges and will not damage your iron tip. Made of low abrasive brass shavings and requires no water. Works well as a replacement bras..
KES 300.00
Car Diagnosis Kit OBD-II UART Car Diagnosis Kit OBD-II UART
Out Of Stock
Model: Car Diagnosis Kit
This board allows you to interface with your car’s OBD-II bus. It provides you a serial interface using the ELM327 command set and supports all major OBD-II standards such as CAN and JBUS. The board also provides a footprint which mates directly to our FTDI Basic or a Bluetooth Mate. The DB9 connect..
KES 8,500.00
Model: CARBIDE BIT 0.8mm
If you've started designing your own PCBs in Eagle or KiCad and want to make your PCB a reality, you may start out with an etching system to pattern out traces. But that's only half the job! You'll also need a way to drill some tiny and accurate holes.  That's why we've started selling these PC..
KES 100.00
Model: Carbide PCB Drill Bit - 1.0mm
If you've started designing your own PCBs in Eagle or KiCad and want to make your PCB a reality, you may start out with an etching system to pattern out traces. But that's only half the job! You'll also need a way to drill some tiny and accurate holes.  That's why we've started selling these PC..
KES 100.00
Crimping Tool SN-01BM Crimping Tool SN-01BM
Out Of Stock
Model: Crimping Tool SN-01BM
Crimping Range: 0.08-0.5mm ⊃2; AWG28-20 Compatible with Dupont, PH2.0, KF2510, AMG28-20, Servo, XH2.54/3.96, PX, KK254, JST, Molex, D-SUB Terminal...
KES 2,000.00
Crimping Tool SN-28B Crimping Tool SN-28B
Out Of Stock
Model: Crimping Tool
This crimping tool can be used to crimp both male and female versions  Tamiya connector crimp pins, mini Tamiya connector crimp pins, JST connector crimp pins, JR crimp pins, Futaba J crimp pins, and crimp pins for 0.1" housings onto 16-28 AWG wires to make custom cables. The tool offers ratche..
KES 3,300.00
Model: Crimping Tool SN-48B
AWG: 26-16Material: High-carbon steelCrimping capacity: 0.14-1.5mm2Used for Dupont & JST-SM Molex Connectors and PinsFor 3.96/4.8/5.08/6.3mm grounding terminal connectors..
KES 2,000.00
Desoldering Pump AT-E330
Top Brand
Brand: Atten Instruments Model: AT-E330P
Desoldering pump with high vacuum force thanks to spring tension and locking.Safe grip, profiled for good slip resistance.recoil-free and self-cleaningLength 330 mm..
KES 440.00
Digital Calipers Digital Calipers
Out Of Stock
Model: Digital Caliper
These premium calipers come with an extra battery and auto shut-off. Measurements can be taken in either metric or standard. The calipers are 6" in length and make a great addition to any tool set. These come with an extra 1.5V LR44 button cell battery. Range: 0.01mm to 150mm / .001" to 6" Ac..
KES 2,600.00
Model: PLATO 170
Key Features     Flush cutter for shear cutting soft wire up to 20 AWG (0.8 mm)     Alloy steel with Rockwell hardness 54-56C for strength     Return spring requires minimal hand movement     Compact size for access in small areas &n..
KES 250.00
Glue gun sticks 7mm - 16pcs
Top Brand Out Of Stock
Brand: Atten Instruments Model: Glue stick 7mm pack
Main components: Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA)Feature: Fast bonding, High strength, Aging resistance, non hazardous, good thermal stability, film toughnessShape: Adhesive rodSize: 7mm x 100mmUsable range: widely used in factories and families. Wood, plastic, fiber, fabric, Metal, furniture ..
KES 200.00
Glue Stick 11mm x 200mm Glue Stick 11mm x 200mm
Top Seller Out Of Stock
Model: Glue Stick 11mm x 200mm
Colour: clearMaterial: EVACuring time: 10 ~ 15sSoftening point: 80~85°Operating temperature: 140~170° for the bestSpecifications Size: 11mmStorage conditions: sealed in a cool place to save..
KES 20.00
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