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  1. In the ever-evolving realm of electronics, a wide array of specialized tools stands as the cornerstone of innovation and precision. From soldering irons to digital oscilloscopes, these instruments are the trusted allies of electronics engineers, technicians, and enthusiasts alike. They empower professionals to design, build, test, and troubleshoot electronic circuits and devices with confidence and accuracy. Let's explore the significance of these tools, each meticulously crafted to facilitate the journey of electronic exploration and innovation. Here are a few tools used in electronics;

    1. Soldering Iron and Soldering Tools:

      • Soldering iron: Soldering is a fundamental skill in electronics. Soldering irons are used to join components and create electrical connections. They come in various wattages and types (e.g., pencil, temperature-controlled) to suit different applications.
      • Soldering tools: Accessories such as solder, soldering stations, soldering tips, and desoldering tools are essential for making reliable connections and repairing electronic circuits.
    2. Digital Oscilloscope:

      • Digital oscilloscopes: These instruments are used to visualize and analyze electronic signals over time. They are crucial for diagnosing and troubleshooting circuits, measuring signal properties, and assessing the performance of electronic devices.
    3. Function Generator:

      • Function generator: This tool generates various waveforms (sine, square, triangle, etc.) at different frequencies. Electronics engineers use function generators to test and calibrate electronic circuits, as well as for signal generation during testing.
    4. Logic Analyzer:

      • Logic analyzer: Electronics professionals use logic analyzers to capture and analyze digital signals in complex digital systems. This is invaluable for debugging digital circuits and ensuring their proper operation.
    5. Multimeter (Analog/Digital):

      • Multimeter: Multimeters, as mentioned earlier, are crucial for measuring voltage, current, resistance, and other electrical parameters in electronic circuits. They are versatile tools for both electrical and electronic work.
    6. Breadboard and Components:

      • Breadboard: Breadboards are used for building and prototyping electronic circuits without soldering. They allow engineers to quickly test and modify circuit designs.
      • Electronic components: Tools for electronics also include a wide range of components like resistors, capacitors, transistors, and integrated circuits. These are the building blocks for creating electronic projects and circuits.
Tweezers Straight Antistatic
Out Of Stock
Model: Tweezers Straight
These Anti Static coated Tweezers are also Anti Acid, and Non Magnetic. They are wonderful tweezers when it comes to the soldering and handling IC chips with the utmost care. They really come in handy and are put to great use when it comes to installing and replacing small electronic components. ..
KES 250.00
USB Digital Microscope USB Digital Microscope
Out Of Stock
Model: USB Digital Microscope
Parameters:Focus Range: from 10mm to 250mmFrame Rate: Max 30f/s under 600 Lus BrightnessMagnification Ratio: 50x to 1600xVideo format: AVIPhoto format: JPEG or BMPLight source: 8 LED (adjustable by control wheel)PC interface: USB2.0Power source: 5V DC from USB portOperation system: Windows 7 8 10/Vi..
KES 2,800.00
Brand: Uni-Trend Technology Limited Model: UT-195M
UT195 series are handheld industrial digital multimeters with IP65 and 2m drop proof. It can be applied in mines, oilfields and other harsh environments. Compare with traditional multimeters, UT195’s troubleshooting capability, resolution, and precision are improved to find issues related to motor d..
KES 16,000.00
UT-L25 Multimeter Test Lead Probe UT-L25 Multimeter Test Lead Probe
Out Of Stock
Brand: Uni-Trend Technology Limited Model: UT-L25
UNI-T UT-L Probes and Test Leads Be the same with UT61ESafety level: CAT Ⅲ 1000V/CAT Ⅳ 600V 10ALeads length: 900mmRod length: 115mm..
KES 400.00
UT136C+ Digital Multimeter UT136C+ Digital Multimeter
Out Of Stock
Brand: Uni-Trend Technology Limited Model: UT136C+
The new generation of UT136+ series digital multimeter has an innovative industrial design which ensures that the product can withstand a drop of 2 meters height. Large LCD screen provides a clear display and its 4 times/second sampling rate provides users with more accurate readings. UT136+ series ..
KES 3,000.00
UT20B Pocket Size Handheld Mini Digital Multimeter UT20B Pocket Size Handheld Mini Digital Multimeter
Out Of Stock
Brand: Uni-Trend Technology Limited Model: UT20B
UNI-T UT20B Handheld Pocket Mini Digital Multimeter DMM Ohmmeter Voltmeter Ammeter AMP Volt Current OHM Test with Probe LeadsSpecification:Brand: UNI-TModel: UT20BBasic Function Range DC Voltage: 200mV/2000mV/20V/200V/300V AC Current 200V/300VDC Current 2000mA/20mA/200mAResistance 200/2000..
KES 750.00
UT210E Mini Clamp Meter UT210E Mini Clamp Meter
Out Of Stock
Brand: Uni-Trend Technology Limited Model: UT210E
UNI-T's UT210E is a mini 100A True RMS auto range digital clamp meter with 2000 display count and VFC function. It is convenient to use in narrow space.Features1. VFC, low pass filter2. NCV3. Ergonomic and lightweight4. Auto range, 2~3/s sampling rate5. True RMS6. ZERO mode7. LCD backlight, data hol..
KES 6,000.00
UT219DS Professional Clamp Meter UT219DS Professional Clamp Meter
Out Of Stock
Brand: Uni-Trend Technology Limited Model: UT219DS
UT219 series is 600A true RMS professional clamp meter with CAT IV 600V rating. It is industrially designed with IP54 rating and able to withstand 2 meters drop test for measurement in harsh environments. This series is suitable for professional electricians, HVAC/R and motor service technicians.UT2..
KES 13,000.00
UT33D+ Palm Size Multimeter UT33D+ Palm Size Multimeter
Out Of Stock
Brand: Uni-Trend Technology Limited Model: UT33D+
The new generation UT33+ series redefines the performance standards for introductory digital multimeters. Our innovative industrial design makes sure that these products can withstand 2 meters drop. The new LCD display layout provides a better user experience. The UT33+ series safety standards have ..
KES 1,450.00
UT371 Digital Tachometer UT371 Digital Tachometer
Out Of Stock
Brand: Uni-Trend Technology Limited Model: UT371
UNI-T’s UT371 is a non-contact tachometer with ranges of 10RPM~99999RPM and 0~99999 counts. It can continuously work for 40hrs with clear LCD display.Features1. 5 digit LCD screen, RPM/count and time dual display2. MAX/MIN/AVG/normal modes3. Adjustable sampling rate (0.5-255s)4. Auto power off (canc..
KES 10,000.00
UT603 LCR Meter UT603 LCR Meter
Out Of Stock
Brand: Uni-Trend Technology Limited Model: UT603
UT603 digit LCR meter is used to test resistors, capacitors and inductors. It can measure transistor parameters. The LCR meter can check electronic components in electronic labs, production lines, maintenance points and schools.Features1. Diode and buzzer continuity measurements2. Inductance measure..
KES 6,000.00
UT61D Modern Digital Multimeter UT61D Modern Digital Multimeter
Out Of Stock
Brand: Uni-Trend Technology Limited Model: UT61D
UNI-T's UT61D is an auto range multimeter with 6000 display count, featuring 61 segment analog bar display and 3kHz bandwidthFeatures1. MAX/MIN/REL modes2. Auto power off3. LCD backlight 4. RS-232 and USB interface5. Analog bar graph6. True RMSSpecificationsRangeBest AccuracyModel UT61DDC Volta..
KES 5,500.00
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