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Prototyping tools

Model: 2x3 Pin Shrouded Header
Simple shrouded 6-pin connector. Good for preventing cable connection mishaps. Use for programming, data, power, or any other kind of connection. 2x3 pins on 0.1" centers...
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Anti-etching PCB circuit board Ink Marker
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Model: Anti-etching PCB circuit board Ink Marker
Product description:This pen is suitable for the use in hand-drawn circuits destined for the etching process. Double-ended to allow both large coverage and fine lines to be drawn.If you require assistance using the pen, please do not hesitate to contact us...
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Atten Tweezers AT-115
Top Brand
Brand: Atten Instruments Model: AT-115
Excellent tweezers for your soldering workHigh hardness at the tipAnti-static, acid and alkali resistantLength: 123mm..
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Model: Automatic Wire Stripping Tool
W091022AUWORKPRO - a brand developed by GreatStar especially for home users and DIYers. In the last 23 years, with a lot of studies and testings, we manufactured a wide range of products. Now a broad variety of tools specifically designed for daily lives is ready - WORKPRO. We will continue to desig..
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Brass Sponge - Soldering Iron Cleaner
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Model: Brass Sponge
This is a brass sponge that will help clean your soldering iron tip. Use it to remove residue from your iron tip before soldering. It cleans better than conventional sponges and will not damage your iron tip. Made of low abrasive brass shavings and requires no water. Works well as a replacement bras..
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Model: Carbide PCB Drill Bit - 1.0mm
If you've started designing your own PCBs in Eagle or KiCad and want to make your PCB a reality, you may start out with an etching system to pattern out traces. But that's only half the job! You'll also need a way to drill some tiny and accurate holes.  That's why we've started selling these PC..
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Model: Copper Clad D.S 15 x 20
This is a blank copper board perfect for pcb prototyping/printing. It is made from FR4 glass fibre. Dimensions: 15cm x 20cm Thickness: 1.6mm..
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Model: Copper Clad S.S 20x15
This is a blank copper board perfect for pcb prototyping/printing. It is made from FR4 glass fibre. Dimensions: 20sm x 15cm Thickness: 1.6mm..
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Model: Copper Foil
Copper Tape with Adhesive Backing  • Solderable • Repair printed circuit boards • Create antennas and shielding  • 5mm x 25m x 0.05mm..
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Crimping Tool SN-01BM Crimping Tool SN-01BM
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Model: Crimping Tool SN-01BM
Crimping Range: 0.08-0.5mm ⊃2; AWG28-20 Compatible with Dupont, PH2.0, KF2510, AMG28-20, Servo, XH2.54/3.96, PX, KK254, JST, Molex, D-SUB Terminal...
KES 2,000.00
Model: Crimping Tool SN-48B
AWG: 26-16Material: High-carbon steelCrimping capacity: 0.14-1.5mm2Used for Dupont & JST-SM Molex Connectors and PinsFor 3.96/4.8/5.08/6.3mm grounding terminal connectors..
KES 2,000.00
Model: FTDI Breakout Board Generic FT232RL
This is a basic breakout board for the FTDI FT232RL USB to serial IC, Revision 2. The pinout of this board matches the FTDI cable to work with official Arduino and cloned 5V Arduino boards. It can also be used for general serial applications. The major difference with this board is that it brings ou..
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