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Model: Jumper Wires M-M, M-F, F-F, 20cm, 60 Pieces
Jumper wires are simply wires that have connector pins at each end, allowing them to be used to connect two points to each other without soldering. Jumper wires are typically used with breadboards and other prototyping tools in order to make it easy to change a circuit as needed. Fairly si..
KES 250.00
Model: Breadboard
Breadboard including power supply. The power supply can directly take power from DC wall plug or USB port and outputs are selectable between 5V or 3.3V regulated voltage. With this board, you can send power to both power lanes of the breadboard, and each side has an on/off switch...
KES 380.00
Breadboard MB102 Solderless type
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Model: MB102
Specifications Model: MB-102 Dimension: 165mm x 55mm x 10mm Tie Points: 830 Tie Points consists of: 630 Tie-Point Terminal Strip, 200 Tie-Point Distribution Strips Matrix: 126 separate 5 point terminals, plus 4 horizontal bus lines (Power Lines) of 50 test points each Wire size: Suitab..
KES 200.00
Breadboard mini 400pts Breadboard mini 400pts
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Model: Breadboard
Description 400 Tie-Point Solderless Breadboard mini bread plate 83X55 mm Breadboard..
KES 120.00
Model: SYB-170 Breadboard
This is the SYB-170 prototyping board that is allows rapid prototyping without the need to solder any components. It is designed to have standard sockets with a pin pitch of 2.54mm, making it compatible with a large range of modules and components. It is solidly constructed to allow repeated use, wi..
KES 40.00
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