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  • 2 x 100W Class D Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Board - TSA7498
    This is a 2x100W audio amplifier board with AudioB plus Bluetooth module. It's integrated ST high performance TDA7498 which support dual channel audio amplification. Both of channels are capable of outputting nominal power simultaneously and continuously. This board can be powered by any DC14V-39V..
    KES 4,300.00
  • Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board
    This Bluetooth Music Receiver connects to the Line-In or Aux input on your home audio system. You can then stream audio from your Bluetooth enabled cell phone or mp3 player to your home audio system. Enjoy the convenience of having your music source in the palm of your hand and listening to it throu..
    KES 1,600.00
  • SparkFun MP3 Player Shield
    The SparkFun MP3 Player Shield is an awesome MP3 decoder with the capabilities of storing music files onto a run-of-the-mill microSD card, thus giving you the ability toadd music or sound effects to any project. With this board you can pull MP3 files from an microSD card and play them using only one..
    KES 3,000.00
  • UM3561 UM3561A Audio IC
    A simple integrated cirucit in an 8 pin package that, with a minimal number of external components can generate tones or sounds.   Datasheet ..
    KES 300.00