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  • Liquid Pump - 750GPH/2850LPH (12v)
    Do you have some liquids that you need to move? This fluid pump will move 750 gallons per hour! The SEAFLO mini water pump has a heavy duty 12V, 1.5Amp motor and a tough thermoplastic body. It's totally submersible and water-cooled (but it won't burn out if run dry). Use this pump to make a fountain..
    KES 2,500.00
  • Micro Water Pump
    Head: max: 2 meters Power Connector: 3pin connector Voltage: DC3.5-12V, Power: 6W Noise: 30DB Working life: 50,000 hours Out of the faucets: 9mm Water injection plug: 10mm Dimensions: length 37.5*37.1*33mm this is a fully submersible water pump that must be submerged in water to discharge..
    KES 1,300.00
  • Peristaltic Liquid Pump
    Move fluid safely from here to there with this very nice little pump. Unlike most liquid pumps, this is a peristaltic type - the pump squishes the silicone tubing that contains the liquid instead of impelling it directly. The upshot? The pump never touches the fluid which makes this an excellent cho..
    KES 1,500.00 KES 1,600.00