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  • 4 Slot Button Battery Holder Protection Box for 18650  -  BLACK
    Main Features: The 4-slot battery holder case box can hold 4 pieces 18650 batteries Keep your batteries organized and protected The holder case is designed with leads for easy to solder and connect Battery not included Package weight: 0.050 kg  Product Size(L x W x H): 7.90 x 7.80 x 2.1..
    KES 400.00
  • Audio Jack 3.5mm
    Low profile 3.5mm stereo audio jack. Documents:Audio 3.5mm Jack Datasheet ..
    KES 20.00
  • DB9 Female Connector Solder Cup
    DB9 Female Header Solder Tail package. ..
    KES 20.00
  • DR9 Female Serial RS232 9-pin
    KES 50.00
  • DR9 Male Serial RS232 9-pin
    Serial Port Connector RS232 DR9 9-Pin Adapter Male ..
    KES 50.00
  • Electronic Component Storage Case Box Container
    Description: Total 24 Compartments, which is very convenient to put some small items. Can be used for storing chip form capacitors and resistors, small screws, nuts, washers and Lock washers etc   ..
    KES 1,200.00
  • Heat Shrink Kit
    This is our heat shrink kit. We use it for all sorts of handy projects. Use it to reinforce connections, protect devices, and electrically isolate exposed solder joints. We worked with a manufacturer to create a kit that we would use: lots of colors, lots of sizes, nothing too long. We specially req..
    KES 550.00
  • Heat Sink Aluminium Extruded
    Here is a lovely little aluminium heatsink with fins for a typical voltage regulator such as a 7805 which is typically available in a TO-220 package. This heatsink can also be used for a transistor in a T0-220 package as well. It has one hole to fix the voltage regulator to and as you can see it sta..
    KES 50.00
  • Heat Sink Black Anodized TO-220
    Extrusion Aluminum Heat Sink Black Anodize TO-220/TO220 Heatsink Use for MOSFET or voltage regulator. TO-220 package / devices. Requires M3 screw for part mounting and can be soldered onto PCB.     Versatile and compact design     Easy to install  &nbs..
    KES 10.00
  • Heat Sink Paste
    Halnziye HY410 is a high quality White Thermal Grease. It has a high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance which makes it perfect for a wide range of applications. HY410 can be applied to CPU's, VGA,'s, LED's, Chipset's and other PC components. Thermal Conductivity: >0.925 W/m-k The..
    KES 200.00
  • Heat Sink Paste 30g Syringe
    1. Model: HY510-TU20Q 2. Name: Silver thermal paste 30g big needle full package label 3. Size: 2 * 17cm 4. Features: - High thermal conductivity - High temperature resistance - Low oil complex, non-volatile - Non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive ..
    KES 150.00
  • Logic Level Converter
    If you've ever tried to connect a 3.3V device to a 5V system, you know what a challenge it can be. This logic level converter is a small device that safely steps down 5V signals to 3.3V and steps up 3.3V to 5V. This level converter also works with 2.8V and 1.8V devices. Each level converter has the ..
    KES 200.00
  • Peltier Plate Thermoelectric Cooler
    Description   Peltire Plate, also semiconductor cooler, is a heat sink device taking advantage of the Peltier effect. It’s solid, reliable, noise free and vibration free, suitable for applications that have limits on space, noise and vibration.    Typical applications for ..
    KES 900.00
  • Plastic Enclosure for Electronic Project
    Color: White and black Size: 164x100x51 mm Material : ABS plastic Weight : 200 g ..
    KES 1,000.00
  • Plastic Gears, Rack, Pulley parts
    This package includes gear, rack, pulley and belt drive a total of 75 parts ..
    KES 800.00
  • PTC Ceramic Heater 12V 200W
    Rated Power:200W Rated Voltage:12VDC Size:120*50*26mm heat material: PTC Thermistor heat methods:heat radiation by air flow lead wire: silicone high temperature line the length of lead wires : 200mm the length of bare wires : 10mm ..
    KES 1,000.00
  • RJ45 Network CAT5E Modular Plug Connector
    Features: Brand new and high quality.RJ45 connectors modular plug with metal shield.     8 pins network cable heads, plugs.     Plugs for UTP Cat5, Cat5e solid or stranded wire solid or stranded Cable.     Gold plated leads for better data transmitt..
    KES 15.00
  • Simcard Holder 6 pin Folding type
    KES 50.00
  • Solder Mask PCB UV Curable - Green 100g
    Description: N.W. : 100g Color : Green Viscosity : 25 ℃ 200 ± 50 ps Adhesion : 100/100 Hardness : > 5H Heat resistance : 260 ± 5 ℃ 10 seconds 3 times Insulation resistance : > 1×1013 Dielectric strength : > 500 V/mil Notice: Don't dilute when using the ink . You need to fully sti..
    KES 900.00
    Description: N.W. : 100g Color : Red Viscosity : 25 ℃ 200 ± 50 ps Adhesion : 100/100 Hardness : > 5H Heat resistance : 260 ± 5 ℃ 10 seconds 3 times Insulation resistance : > 1×1013 Dielectric strength : > 500 V/mil Notice: Don't dilute when using the ink . You need to fully stir ..
    KES 900.00