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Brand: Adafruit Industries Model: 2SD965
Features / Technical SpecificationsPackage Type: TO-92Transistor Type:  NPNMax Collector Current(IC): 5AMax Collector-Emitter Voltage (VCE): 20VMax Collector-Base Voltage (VCB): 40VMax Emitter-Base Voltage (VEBO): 7VMax Collector Dissipation (Pc): 750 miliWatt..
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Model: KA75330 3.3V Voltage Detector - Reset/Enable Controller
A voltage detector is handy for projects where you want to make sure your microcontroller doesn't run at a low voltage. For example, say you have a ESP32 board running on a lipoly battery every few minutes. Eventually the battery runs down, and goes below 3.3V, so the voltage to the ESP32 core ..
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Model: MMBT2222A SOT-23
MMBT2222A NPN TransistorMMBT2222A TransistorMMBT2222A Pinout[Click the image to enlarge it]The MMBT2222A is the SMD (SOT-23) version of the popular 2N2222A Transistor. It has a collector current of 0.6A and Collector Emitter voltage of 40V. This Transistor is commonly used in low powe..
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Model: BPW77NA
      PHOTO TRANSISTOR, NPN, SILICON     Wavelength Typ: 850nm     Power Consumption: 250mW     Viewing Angle: 10°     Transistor Case Style: TO-18     No. of Pins: 3     Packaging:..
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Model: SGPT5053C
5.0 mm (0.197") Flat Lens Phototransistor SGPT5053CColour: TransparentRange of Spectral Bandwidth:400---1100 nmWavelength of Peak Sensitivity: 940 nmCollector Emitter Breakdown Voltage: >30 VEmitter Collector Breakdown Voltage: >6 VCollector Dark Current: <100 nACollector Emitter ..
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Model: TIP 127 PNP
Characteristics of the TIP127 bipolar transistorType - PNPCollector-Emitter Voltage: -100 VCollector-Base Voltage: -100 VEmitter-Base Voltage: -5 VCollector Current: -5 ACollector Dissipation - 65 WDC Current Gain (hfe) - 1000Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range -65 to +150 °CPackage - T..
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Model: TIP142 TO-247
    Transistor Type    NPN     Maximum Continuous Collector Current    10 A     Maximum Collector Emitter Voltage    100 V     Maximum Emitter Base Voltage    5 V    ..
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Model: TIP147
The Darlington Bipolar Power Transistor is designed for general purpose amplifier and low frequency switching applications. The TIP140, TIP141, TIP142, (NPN); TIP145, TIP146, TIP147, (PNP) are complementary devices. Features           High DC Current Gain &nb..
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Model: TIP32C
mplement this PNP TIP32C GP BJT from Fairchild Semiconductor to add switching and amplifying capabilities to your electronic circuit design. This bipolar junction transistor's maximum emitter base voltage is 5 V. Its maximum power dissipation is 2000 mW. This product comes packaged in bulk, so the p..
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