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Model: 2N5192G
This is the 2N5192G, an NPN silicon transistor. This little transistor can help in your project by being used to help drive large loads or amplifying or switching applications. The 2N5192G is specifically rated at 60V and 4A maxDatasheet..
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Brand: Adafruit Industries Model: 2SD965
Features / Technical SpecificationsPackage Type: TO-92Transistor Type:  NPNMax Collector Current(IC): 5AMax Collector-Emitter Voltage (VCE): 20VMax Collector-Base Voltage (VCB): 40VMax Emitter-Base Voltage (VEBO): 7VMax Collector Dissipation (Pc): 750 miliWatt..
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Model: KA75330 3.3V Voltage Detector - Reset/Enable Controller
A voltage detector is handy for projects where you want to make sure your microcontroller doesn't run at a low voltage. For example, say you have a ESP32 board running on a lipoly battery every few minutes. Eventually the battery runs down, and goes below 3.3V, so the voltage to the ESP32 core ..
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Model: MMBT2222A SOT-23
MMBT2222A NPN TransistorMMBT2222A TransistorMMBT2222A Pinout[Click the image to enlarge it]The MMBT2222A is the SMD (SOT-23) version of the popular 2N2222A Transistor. It has a collector current of 0.6A and Collector Emitter voltage of 40V. This Transistor is commonly used in low powe..
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Model: BPW77NA
      PHOTO TRANSISTOR, NPN, SILICON     Wavelength Typ: 850nm     Power Consumption: 250mW     Viewing Angle: 10°     Transistor Case Style: TO-18     No. of Pins: 3     Packaging:..
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Model: SGPT5053C
5.0 mm (0.197") Flat Lens Phototransistor SGPT5053CColour: TransparentRange of Spectral Bandwidth:400---1100 nmWavelength of Peak Sensitivity: 940 nmCollector Emitter Breakdown Voltage: >30 VEmitter Collector Breakdown Voltage: >6 VCollector Dark Current: <100 nACollector Emitter ..
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Model: TIP 127 PNP
Characteristics of the TIP127 bipolar transistorType - PNPCollector-Emitter Voltage: -100 VCollector-Base Voltage: -100 VEmitter-Base Voltage: -5 VCollector Current: -5 ACollector Dissipation - 65 WDC Current Gain (hfe) - 1000Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range -65 to +150 °CPackage - T..
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Model: TIP142 TO-247
    Transistor Type    NPN     Maximum Continuous Collector Current    10 A     Maximum Collector Emitter Voltage    100 V     Maximum Emitter Base Voltage    5 V    ..
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Model: TIP147
The Darlington Bipolar Power Transistor is designed for general purpose amplifier and low frequency switching applications. The TIP140, TIP141, TIP142, (NPN); TIP145, TIP146, TIP147, (PNP) are complementary devices. Features           High DC Current Gain &nb..
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TIP32C BJT General Purpose Transistor
2-3 Days
Model: TIP32C
mplement this PNP TIP32C GP BJT from Fairchild Semiconductor to add switching and amplifying capabilities to your electronic circuit design. This bipolar junction transistor's maximum emitter base voltage is 5 V. Its maximum power dissipation is 2000 mW. This product comes packaged in bulk, so the p..
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