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LoRa 8 Channel Raspberry Pi Gateway

LoRa 8 Channel Raspberry Pi Gateway
LoRa 8 Channel Raspberry Pi Gateway
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LoRa 8 Channel Raspberry Pi Gateway
LoRa 8 Channel Raspberry Pi Gateway
LoRa 8 Channel Raspberry Pi Gateway

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  • Model: RAK7243 Pilot Gateway Pro 4G
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LoRa is a fantastic advancement in the field of wireless communication. The multi-kilometer distances are incredible! Point to point LoRa has been nailed down with various low cost Semtec based modules like the RFM95 but the true power of an open IoT network is LoRa gateways. These provide public access across the globe to any LoRa node as long as the node follows the guidelines (don't use more than your share of bandwidth). But what gateway do you need?

The LoRa Raspberry Pi Gateway is a professional grade gateway with the hacker in mind. While other low cost gateways are a single channel, the LoRa Raspberry Pi Gateway comes with a fully heat-sinked concentrator capable of multi-channel, multi-node communication all running in a friendly, hackable Raspberry Pi environment.

The LoRa Raspberry Pi Gateway uses the high-power multichannel SX1301 processing engine specifically designed for LoRa gateways. If you're just experimenting with LoRa, a single channel gateway is a fine way to go; we offer the ESP8266 1-Channel LoRa Gateway based on the SX1276/78 RFM95 module. But if you're planning on having multiple, public LoRa nodes you'll need a proper gateway like the LoRa Raspberry Pi Gateway.

Designed for the EU and Africa, the 868MHz LoRa gateway comes fully assembled in a black anodized aluminum enclosure using the Raspberry Pi 3B+ as its backbone. With this upgraded model you no longer need to provide your own microSD card (16 GB card included) & there are handy instructions on flash the LoRa Gateway image to the MicroSD card. We recommend using Resin to create your Linux image. RAK Wireless (the makers of the gateway) have a well written tutorial guiding you through the setup. The gateway includes a 2dBi 868MHz antenna and a multi-frequency GNSS(GPS) antenna.

  • Fully assembled gateway
    • 868MHz LoRa concentrator shield
    • GPS shield
    • 4G Cellular PiHat for cellular backhaul connectivity
    • Raspberry Pi 3 B+
    • Aluminum enclosure w/ integrated heatsink
  • Power supply (5V/2.5A)
  • 16GB MicroSD card
  • Magnetic mount GPS/GNSS antenna 1m with SMA
  • 868MHz LoRa compatible antenna (2dBi Gain / 50 Ω)


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