MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module

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MAX7219 is a kind of integrated serial input/ output common cathode display driver, it connects microprocessor and 8-digit seven period of digital LED display, also can be connected to the bar graph display or 64 independent LED.
Wiring Instructions:
1. The left of the module is input port, the right is output port
2. Only input port to the CPU when you control a single module
MAX7219 Red LED Dot Matrix Module MCU Control Module Specifications:
1. Color: Green + White
2. Material: FR4
3. Working Voltage: 5V
4. Size: 5x3.2x1.5cm
5. Light Color: Red
6. Hole Quantity: 4pcs
7. Hole Diameter: 3mm

Note: These come as a DIY kit. You will have to solder the components on the board


1X  PCB board

1X  24P IC socket 

1X  DIP MAX7219 chip

1X  10uF electrolytic capacitor

1X  0.1uF a ceramic capacitor

1X  10K resistor

1X  3mm 8 x 8 common cathode a red dot

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