SkyRC Immersion Go HD FPV Goggles with 40CH Rx & HDMI

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The SKYRC HD FPV goggle with 5.8GHz diversity receivers, can significantly improve reception in the presence of multipathing, by intelligently switching between two independent receivers when signal quality drops.

Another useful application of diversity switching is to select the best signal from two antennas, use a patch, and an omni directional antenna to provide 360 degree coverage or use two patch antennas to cover a wider flight area.

The goggle keeps it super simple for the FPV flier with auto search functionality, easy press buttons, the exact frequency is displayed on the screen so that you never have to guess which frequency and channel you are on, a wide voltage input from 7V to 18V, and 40CH on the 5.8GHz band!


65 degree field of view
7" 1024x600px Immersive Display
Automatic antenna switching 5.8GHz 40CH receiver
Automatic channel search
Adjustable straps, light weight, high comfort.
Built-in speaker with volume control
Built-in ventilation fan
Mini HDMI input, connect the headset directly to your DJI Inspire/Lightbridge or other HD downlink.
Support AV IN

Band A: 5.740, 5.760, 5.780, 5.800, 5.820, 5.840, 5.860, 5.880
Band B: 5.725, 5.745, 5.765, 5.785, 5.805, 5.825, 5.845, 5.865
Band E: 5.733, 5.752, 5.771, 5.790, 5.809, 5.828, 5.847, 5.866
Band F: 5.705, 5.685, 5.665, 5.645, 5.885, 5.905, 5.925, 5.945
Band R: 5.658, 5.695, 5.732, 5.769, 5.806, 5.843, 5.880, 5.917


Control via 8 Buttons
High Comfortable with Durable Materials
Adjustable Straps
Built-in Speaker with Volume Control
Built-in Ventilation Fan
OSD Language
Weight: 380 g (Excluding Antennas)
Size: 195 x 139 x 180 mm
LCD Display:

Screen Size: 7"
Screen Resolution: 1024x600
Field of View: 65 Degree
Display Scale: 4:3 or 16:9
Respond Time: 10mS
System: PAL/NTSC Auto Selecting
Diversity Receiver:

Dual Receivers with Dual Antenna Connection
Automatic Antenna Switching
>-90dB Typical Sensitivity
5.8GHz 5 Band 40-Channel Frequencies
Electrical Properties:

Supply Voltage: 7-18V Recommended 2-4S LiPo
Reverse Voltage Protection
Current Consumption 530mA@12V
Interface Connectors:

3.5 mm AV In Port
3.5 mm Earphone Port
XT30 Power In Port (DC 7-18V)
Mini HDMI In Port
2 SMA Antenna Connectors

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