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TC74 I2C Temperature Sensor

TC74 I2C Temperature Sensor
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TC74 I2C Temperature Sensor

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  • Model: TC74A0-5.0VAT
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The TC74 is a Serially Accessible Digital Temperature Sensor Particularly Suited For Low Cost And Small Form-factor Applications


· Digital Temperature Sensing or TO-220 Packages
· Outputs Temperature an 8-Bit Digital Word
· Simple SMBus/I2CTM Serial Port Interface
· Solid-State Temperature Sensing: - ±2°C (max.) Accuracy from - ±3°C (max.) Accuracy from to +125°C
· Supply Voltage to 5.5V
· Low Power: 200 µA (typ.) Operating Current 5 µA (typ.) Standby Mode Current

The is a serially accessible, digital temperature sensor particularly suited for low cost and small formfactor applications. Temperature data is converted from the onboard thermal sensing element and made available an 8-bit digital word. Communication with the TC74 is accomplished via 2wire SMBus/I2C compatible serial port. This bus also can be used to implement multi-drop/multi-zone monitoring. The SHDN bit in the CONFIG register can be used to activate the low power Standby mode. Temperature resolution is 1°C. Conversion rate is a nominal 8 samples/sec. During normal operation, the quiescent current 200 µA (typ). During standby operation, the quiescent current 5 µA (typ). Small size, low installed cost and ease of use make the TC74 an ideal choice for implementing thermal management in a variety of systems.

· Thermal Protection for Hard Disk Drives and other PC Peripherals
· PC Card Devices for Notebook Computers
· Low Cost Thermostat Controls
· Power Supplies
· Thermistor Replacement



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