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AS608 Optical Fingerprint Sensor

AS608 Optical Fingerprint Sensor
AS608 Optical Fingerprint Sensor

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  • Model: AS608 Optical Fingerprint Sensor
  • SKU: 3737

The optical fingerprint scanner takes images of fingerprints and converts them into unique identifiers. The fingerprint scanner stores up to 128 different fingerprints and is able to store them and scan to find the correct fingerprint match, all of which is done through the scanner and Arduino board.

In the Package:

  • AS608 Fingerprint Module

  • Connecting Wires

Module Characteristics:

  • Supply voltage: 3.3V-5V DC

  • Working Current: <120mA

  • Fingerprint imaging Time: <1.0 seconds

  • Image Scan size: 14 * 18 mm

  • Safety level: 5

  • False Accept Rate (FAR): <0.001% (security level 3)

  • False Reject Rate (FRR): <1.0% (security level 3)

  • Search time: <1.0 seconds (1:500, the mean)

  • Communication: UART

  • UART baud rates: (9600 * N) bps where N = 1 ~ 12 (default value N = 6, ie 57600bps)


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