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PCB Etchant (Cupric Chloride Salt) 200g

PCB Etchant (Cupric Chloride Salt) 200g
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PCB Etchant (Cupric Chloride Salt) 200g

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Cupric chloride solutions are very similar to ferric chloride as etchants, but the cupric system offers some distinct advantages in medium volume PCB prototype applications as follows:

Simple regeneration of spent solution
No waste disposal problems
Lower cost
Simple process control
No sludging
At the same time, the desirable properties of ferric chloride are retained: high capacity for dissolved copper, and fast etch rates with suitable techniques, such as bubble, splash, or spray etching. One-ounce copper boards can be completely etched in less than one minute using cupric chloride at 49-54°C (120-130°F) in spray etching equipment. At these high temperatures the problems of HCl fumes and photo resist attack become more likely, but the metal chloride etchants can be used at room temperature as well if a fume hood or other exhaust system is not available; typical processing time for 1-ounce copper boards in a cupric chloride bubble etching tank at 25°C (77°F) is 20 minutes.

Formulation and Chemistry · The following formulation is recommended for a cupric chloride etching bath:

Cupric chloride, solid (CuCl2 · 2 H2O) 200 g

Water, to make 1000 mL

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