LCD 1604

Out Of Stock LCD 1604

16 Characters * 4 Lines, Character LCD module, Black Character, Yellow Backlight, 5V For Logic Circuit

Driver IC     KS0066 (compatible with HD44780)
Interface     Parallel
Backlight     Yellow
Character Color     Black
Character Set     ASCII
Dimension     87 * 60 * 13.5

1     VSS     Ground     0V (GND)
2     VCC     Power Supply For Logic Circuit     +5V
3     VEE     LCD Contrast Adjustment     
4     RS     Instruction/Data Register Selection     RS = 0 : Instruction Register
RS = 1 : Data Register
5     R/W     Read/Write Selection     R/W = 0 : Register Write
R/W = 1 : Register Read
6     E     Enable Signal     
7     DB0     Data Input/Output Lines     8 BIT: DB0-DB7
8     DB1
9     DB2
10     DB3
11     DB4
12     DB5
13     DB6
14     DB7
15     LED+     Supply Voltage For LED+     +5V
16     LED-     Supply Voltage For LED-     0V



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