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LCD 16x2 LCD 3.3V Blue backlight

LCD 16x2 LCD 3.3V Blue backlight
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LCD 16x2 LCD 3.3V Blue backlight

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  • Model: LCD1602 3.3V
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This is a 16 character by 2 line display that runs at 3.3V. Utilizes the common ST7066/HD44780 parallel interface (datasheet). Interface code is widely available for many different controllers and systems. You will need ~11 general I/O pins to interface to this LCD screen. Includes blue LED backlight.


High quality STN 16x2 character LCD
3.3V power supply
Blue LED Backlight
5x8 dot characters
ST7066 controller
1/16 duty cycle
Dimensions: 0.34 x 1.4 x 3.2" (8.6 x 36 x 80mm)

Pinout Connections

Pin No Symbol Level Description
1 VSS 0V Ground
2 VDD 3.3V Supply Voltage for logic
3 VO (Variable) Operating voltage for LCD
4 RS H/L H: DATA, L: Instruction code
5 R/W H/L H: Read(MPU?Module) L: Write(MPU?Module)
6 E H,H->L Chip enable signal
7 DB0 H/L Data bus line
8 DB1 H/L Data bus line
9 DB2 H/L Data bus line
10 DB3 H/L Data bus line
11 DB4 H/L Data bus line
12 DB5 H/L Data bus line
13 DB6 H/L Data bus line
14 DB7 H/L Data bus line
15 A 5V LED +
16 K 0V LED-
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