BMS 3S 40A Lithium Battery Charging Board

Out Of Stock BMS 3S 40A Lithium Battery Charging Board


Charging voltage:12.6v ~ 13.6v
Over Charge voltage:4.25±0.05v
Over Discharge voltage: 2.5v±0.05v
Continuous discharge current (upper limit): 40A (if the cooling environment is not good, please reduce the load current )
Continuous charge current (upper limit): 20A
Internal resistance: Less than 100mΩ
Working temperature:-40 ~ +50Celsius
Storage Temperature:-40 ~ +80Celsius
Weight: 8.8g
Size:41 mm×55 mm×3.4mm/ 1.61″ ×2.17″×0.13″
Detailed electrical parameters are shown in the picture
Suitable for:  
1.Suitable for lithium batteries with nominal voltage of 3.7V and full voltage of 4.2V (including 18650, 26650, polymer lithium batteries, no size limit)
2.Suitable for electric drill with starting current below 80A and power below 130W .
To successful starting the drill requires three 15C-20C power batteries, or six 10C-15C power batteries (ordinary 18650 battery can not start the drill!! Recommended power battery models: SONY VTC4, VTC4A, VTC5A, VTC6).
0V and 12.6V cable, use copper wire of more than 3 square millimeters (cannot use nickel plate!!!).
Strictly according to the diagram wiring: 0V/4.2V/8.4V/12.6V,Otherwise it will cause damage to the chip.
Do not mix the good battery and poor battery to use.
The internal resistance of 3 battery capacity are closer will be better.

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