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UT33D+ Palm Size Multimeter

UT33D+ Palm Size Multimeter

The new generation UT33+ series redefines the performance standards for introductory digital multimeters. Our innovative industrial design makes sure that these products can withstand 2 meters drop. The new LCD display layout provides a better user experience. The UT33+ series safety standards have also been enhanced to ensure that users can work safely in CAT ll 600V environment.

Main features

1. Clear LCD display 

2. Equipped with comfortable protective cover, test lead hanging slot

3. 2m drop proof with precision protection

4. Auto power off

5. Auto backlight off

6. Loud buzzer 

7. Ergonomically designed rotary switch

DC voltage (V)200.0mV~600V±(0.5%+3)
AC voltage (V)200.0mV~600V 
DC current (A)200.0μA~10.00A±(1.0%+3)
AC current (A)200.0μA~10.00ANA
Resistance (Ω)200.0Ω~200.0MΩ±(1.0%+2)
Capacitance (F)2.000nF~2.000mFNA
Max display 1999
Auto power off 
Auto backlight off 
Diode test 
Continuity buzzer 
Drop test 2m
Test probe holder 
Safety rating CAT Ⅱ 600V
Range selection Manual
Battery test  
Temperature  (°C/°F)  
General Characteristics
PowerAAA battery (zn-mn) 1.5V×2
LCD size66mm*51mm
Product colorRed and grey 
Product net    weight473g
Product size131mm×95mm×58mm
Standard    accessoriesTest lead, manual

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