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6-30V Adjustable Relay Timer Cycle Module Switch Trigger Time Delay Circuit Board

6-30V Adjustable Relay Timer Cycle Module Switch Trigger Time Delay Circuit Board
6-30V Adjustable Relay Timer Cycle Module Switch Trigger Time Delay Circuit Board

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  • Model: Adjustable Relay Time Delay Circuit Board
  • SKU: 3846

  • Product introduction:

  • 1. Operating voltage: 6--30V

  • 2. Trigger Signal Source: High Level Trigger (3.0 V-24 V), signal ground and system ground are not common, which can increase anti-interference abilit
    system (short circuit can also connect with a ground common)

  • 3. Output Capacity: can control no more than DC 30V 5A AC or 220 V devices 5A

  • 4. Optocoupler Isolation: improve the anti-interference ability, after the parameter setting, it will memory forever

  • Warning: Relay contact is passive and electricity production; 1 channel has the control function on / off

  • Operation mode:

  • P1: After triggered signal, power relay on time OP, then turn off; within the OP period following operation:

  • 1) P1.1: signal being triggered again is not effective

  • 2) P1.2: signal being triggered again, start time again

  • 3) P1.3: signal being triggered again, reset; disconnect relay, stop timing

  • P2: giving the trigger signal, the time after shutdown relay CL power relay OP time; then timing, turn off the relay

  • P3.1: give the trigger signal after the power relay on time OP, CL shutdown time relay; then operating cycle above cycle gaive signal again, shutdown relay stop timing; cycle times (LOP) can be set

  • P3.2: after connecting. no need to trigger signal, power relay on time OP, CL shutdown time relay; then the operating cycle above timea cycle (LOP) can be set

  • Q4: keeping the function of the signal; if there is no trigger signal, the time will be canceled, relay stay connected; when the signal disappears, timing OP turn off the relay; over time, if no signal again, the time is cleared

  • Time interval:

  • 0.1 s (minimum) ~ 999 min (maximum) continuously adjustable

  • how to choose the time interval:

  • in the selection of parameter set interface mode, and press the STOP button to select the time

  • xxx. if the decimal point is in some place, the time interval is s-1 999 s

  • xx. x is decimal place is ten, the time interval is 0.1 s 99.9 s-

  • x. x. x is the decimal point are all on, the time interval is 1 min-999 min

  • parameter Introduction: OP power over time, turn off time CL, LOP cycle times (1-999 times, "---" is unlimited cycle)

  • How to set the parameter:

  • 1. First make sure relay operation mode

  • 2. According to the operaiting relay mode, the main interface (power module will flash current operating mode; standard mode P1.1, then come intot main interface); long press SET key two seconds and then looen enter selection interface mode; by pressing UP, DOWN key to choose the mode setting 
    (P1.1 ~ P4)

  • 3. After selecting the mode, press short SET to set the corresponding parameter, then the parameter you want to set will flash 

    (OP power in time; CL power off time; LOP cycle times, "---" is unlimited cycle ); by UP, DOWN to set the parameter value, support long press 
    (increase or decrease quickly) and press slightly (increase or decrease of 1 unit); after setting the parameter value by short press the STOP key to choose decimal place; choose the time interval (corresponding time interval is 0.1 s-999 min); Short press SET to set the current mode next parameter, the process is the same as above

  • 4. After the setting mode parameter, press and hold the SET button then hold the current configuration mode will flash, then go back to the main interface; define success parameter
    main interface: when the relay does not work, it will show "000" (no decimal point); the operating state relay, the screen has a decimal point

  • Mode Select Interface: press and hold the SET key to enter; after setting, long press the SET button back on main interface

  • Expansion Function Key STOP:

  • Activate Relay mode:

  • 1. NO: PO in power over time, relay can be connected

  • 2. OFF: relay is not allowed to connect, when in the off state

    in short main interface press the STOP key to achieve turn ON and OFF, current state will flash; then back to the main interface 
    (this function is a function of sudden stop, 1 key to turn off the relay)

  • Sleep Mode:

  • C-P Sleep mode: within 5 minutes, no operation; nixie tube will close auto display, and a function program well

  • The d-Normal Mode: nixie tube show ever

  • Note: Press and hold STOP button for 2 seconds can achieve change from C-P to O-d; Current state will flash and then return to the main interface

  • Size: 6.3*3.8*1.5cm/2.48"*1.50"*0.59"

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